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Sofatech is a leading IT company dedicated to developing a secure, continuous, and effective IT strategy for Flemish companies. With our expertise and over 20 years of experience, we focus on stimulating business growth through innovative IT solutions. Our services include business software solutions, professional IT support, and ICT audit and consultancy, all designed to help businesses reach their full potential. At Sofatech, we are committed to transforming your business and making it excel in the digital age.

At Sofatech, we believe that technology can help businesses grow and thrive. Our mission is to support businesses in outlining their long-term ICT strategy and provide them with reliable technologies that we first test ourselves. Our team is close to the customer and we are proud of our personal approach. We want our customers to feel comfortable using technology, which is why we also offer services such as remote monitoring, online backup, and data security.


Veiligheid, continuïteit en groei vormen de kern van ons streven. We geloven dat de juiste technologie niet alleen de manier waarop we werken verbetert, maar ook de veiligheid versterkt, waardoor een fundament wordt gelegd voor duurzaam succes. Samen gaan we voorbij aan eenvoudige veranderingen en omarmen we de ware kracht van een complete verschuiving naar een betere, veiligere en effectievere manier van werken, waar u als organisatie zelf beter van wordt.

We invite you to reflect on the possibilities and be inspired by the power of technology to bring positive change. Together, we strive for a future in which organizations not only survive but thrive in a world that continues to evolve.

Let’s plan and execute those actions together, on the way to a shared vision of success and innovation.

Steven & Isabel (managers)

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