Service Desk Software

Roeselare, Belgium

Sofatech aims to integrate the best technology for its customers to answer their needs or questions in terms of efficiency, continuity or security.

After all, every business is becoming more and more dependent on IT, it is up to us to identify every business process and point of interest in order to create new and improved implementations.

Thinking along with our clients and getting things moving. Not only now but also in the future. How do we make every workplace a Modern Workplace?

This is the only way we can truly make an organization better!

And for that, we need you.

We are pleased to expand our team of Business Consultants with a Service Desk Assistant.

What will be your job?

You will be the first point of contact for our customers when they have questions or problems using their software. You will analyze the question and see if that question can/should be solved immediately.

Your knowledge of business processes, our software packages & documented info will allow you to get clients back on track quickly.

The more complex questions? That's where you call in your colleagues or look for answers yourself at the software vendors.

What have you got?

  • IT knowledge or degree? Useful but definitely not a requirement!
  • Knowledge of Odoo, Exact Online or BOB: very strong asset!
  • Were you already working in a service desk environment? Dash ahead!
  • Ideally, you will also have an understanding of accounting, and business processes
  • Do you complement this with a customer-oriented and can-do mentality? Then the package is complete!

Customer Relationship
Personal Development
Technical Expertise


  • Point of contact for customers
  • Analyzing issues
  • Setting priorities
  • Clear communication

Need to have

  • Understanding business processes
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Customer-friendly attitude
  • Autonomous work attitude

Nice to have

  • Knowledge Odoo
  • Knowledge Accounting
  • Experience as Service Desk Medewerker
  • Knowledge French

What we offer

Ons Aanbod?

We saved the best for last!

Working at Sofatech revolves around 4 principles, you up for it?

  • Hard work: our customer demands quality and we don't go for less than the best. So does that mean we do overtime? Not at all, we simply do this during our hours.
  • Expertise: customers rely on our knowledge so we are always going to build and maintain it
  • Fun: sure, otherwise hard work cannot be done.
  • No-nonsense atmosphere: in our team of experts, we are all straightforward


  • A salary of course, and this is supplemented by hospitalization insurance, group insurance, ecocheques, meal vouchers (8 euros/day) + additional bonus opportunities
  • A car (all electric and yes, charging stations are provided) + charging card
  • Solid work materials: from phones to laptops and from drinking bottles to socks, you get everything in the highest quality
  • A nice working environment: for now we are still working from Houthulst for a while but in 2024 we will move to our brand new office in Roeselare!
  • Relax? We do! We are already taking our terrace with bbq to the new office and we are also already providing some nice things there: cinema, coffee corner, gym ...
  • 9-5? We are not into that. We have sliding hours, working from home 1 or 2 days a week and a family-friendly leave policy
  • Speaking of leave, you will build up 12 additional ADV days each year
  • Variety? Constant! No 2 working days are the same.
  • You will be in close contact with IT managers and colleagues who share your passion for innovation and IT
  • Training is provided annually (both internally and externally), completely tailored to your needs so you can continue to grow throughout your career.
  • The team is primary for us so we go on teambuilding weekends every year and everyone looks forward to our hot chocolate (with toppings) on Friday & in the summer the ice cream truck passes weekly!

Are you now completely convinced and eager to join our #sofateam? Or maybe you had some questions first? We are happy to schedule a no-obligation first meeting! Coffee is on us!

Sports Activities

Exercise together with colleagues! You can join a mini soccer team or the running club! 


A full-time position. Attractive salary package complemented by numerous other benefits. 


We invest strongly in training our employees.