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Successful cooperation between Mediwet and Sofatech leads to efficient IT upgrade

In the search for a new IT solution for their company, Mediwet made the decision to partner with Sofatech, a choice that ultimately resulted in a successful upgrade of their IT park. Mediwet is an external service for prevention and well-being at work and is among the seven major prevention companies that support clients with well-being at work, prevention and medical aspects. The decision to choose Sofatech over other providers was based on the expertise and effective cooperation between the two companies.  

The need for new infrastructure 

Mediwet previously relied on an external partner that provided them with the software needed to perform specific things. However, instead of sticking with this external software, they decided to set up their own IT system. This led to the need for a new infrastructure to run the applications and software at their six locations in Flanders. Mediwet chose Microsoft Azure as their cloud infrastructure and needed network infrastructure, including firewalls, switching, wifi and access points. In addition, they needed to provide interconnection between all their locations in Flanders.  

Choosing a Cloud Infrastructure  

When choosing the right infrastructure, Mediwet and Sofatech had to consider between a cloud infrastructure, a data center infrastructure, or keeping everything in their own locations. Mediwet preferred a "cloud-first" approach, where they did not have to purchase additional hardware, but instead could rent the necessary resources from a known cloud provider. Ultimately, they chose Microsoft Azure. To oversee the implementation, Robin, at that time Infrastructure Engineer at Sofatech, put together a project team to carry it out.  

Sofatech also had 2 resources actively participating in the project. They decided to first set up a test environment within Azure to test software compatibility. After these tests were successful, they began multiple migrations in different phases to create a realistic time frame for the migration.  

The Great Migration 

The highlight of the project was the migration of all systems and data during a single weekend. 8 team members worked hard to reinstall about 100 PCs. The implementation also included setting up the back-end systems and Azure environment, cleaning up the Office environment and re-implementing the servers in Azure. At the same time, the software vendor provided data installation and migration.  

The synergy between Sofatech & Mediwet 

The successful execution of this project was made possible by the combined expertise of Sofatech and Mediwet's internal IT department. This collaboration resulted in a seamless modernization of Mediwet's IT infrastructure, which means they are now better equipped to support their customers. The project illustrates the importance of a thoughtful IT strategy and successful collaboration between external experts and internal teams.