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January 17, 2024 by
Van Severen
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Van Severen is a leading contractor in the field of roofing works, total projects and plumbing and central heating installations. The company, located in Aalter, East Flanders, is characterized by a driven team of nearly twenty professionals who work daily to provide orders, building materials, spare parts and components to serve their sites in a timely manner.

The company has no time to waste on IT problems, so they have an ongoing contract with Sofatech to manage their IT infrastructure.


Kim Wittouck, who works in the administrative department at Van Severen, explains: "Every Wednesday morning, Steve, Sofatech's engineer and our contact person, visits us. He works on technical issues but also assists us with other matters. He thinks along with us. It's a personal approach, from person to person. This is very convenient for us, because in this way also problems come to light that would otherwise remain too long with our employees. Moreover, we often work behind the scenes on our server environment, where e.g. backups are always guaranteed. The employees also followed tailor-made training courses for their staff regarding the use of Microsoft software. Kim praises the cooperation with Sofatech, saying, "Sofatech really understands us. They know us inside out. They also paired a fun competition with the training, which was a great addition that lives on to this day."

In short, with Sofatech's support, Van Severen has strengthened their grip on their IT issues and can concentrate on their core business without worrying about technical obstacles. The personal approach and customized solutions have made the cooperation a success story.